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Ben's Seventh Week at Calendar Club 0

Early Black Friday By: Ben Tan on November 19, 2021 ...
  • Emma Evenden

Ben's Sixth Week at Calendar Club 0

Another round of stores opened this week. Much like last time, I was responsible for supporting the opening of these stores through digital ads, auditing, as well as updating our store locator and Google business pages. 
  • Ben Tan

From the Warehouse to Your Doorstep: Ben's Fifth Week at Calendar Club 0

Have you ever wondered how a product you order online makes it to your doorstep? This week, I give you a behind the scenes look at our e-commerce fulfillment process, and even a sneak peek into our warehouse!
  • Ben Tan

Supporting Calendar Club Programming: Ben's Third Week at Calendar Club 0

Calendar Club offers a variety of programming that supports our vendors and partners who help make our exceptional products available to you! One of these programs is the Calendar Club Recommended program, which I spent a lot of time this week working on!
  • Ben Tan