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We're always looking for people to join the Calendar Club Canada team as operators! Our operators are integral to the success of our business throughout the year. As an operator, you get to run a Calendar Club Canada store as your own, with the support of the knoweldgeable staff at the Resource Centre. We'll provide you with all of the tools you need to make an impact. We have decades of experience and will make your time with Calendar Club a breeze.


You'll be your own boss and get to enjoy the benefits of short-term earning potential!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Calendar Club Canada?

Calendar Club of Canada is a national seasonal toys and games retailer that offers the opportunity to operate some of the most exciting concept stores in Canada. Our stores feature a merchandise mix that offers shoppers maximum quality, selection, and value.  That’s what makes our concepts so exciting! Our kiosks and inline stores are operated by entrepreneurs, people like you, who profit by running their own business.


Do I need to have retail experience?

Calendar Club of Canada is a successful, fast growing, high sales volume seasonal retailer and as the store owner, you will need management/business experience. You do need good common sense, an outgoing personality, customer service skills, and the willingness to work hard from day one.  As the store owner, you’ll work the store, hire and train employees, manage inventory, make bank deposits, and provide good customer service - everything required to be a successful retailer. 


Do I choose my store location?

Calendar Club of Canada’s leasing department works year-round to secure great locations in some of the most successful malls in the country. If you’re selected as a Store Operator, we’ll do our best to place you in a great location. We take care of the mall contracts/lease agreement and pay the rent. 


What products will my store reserve before opening?

At the appropriate time, we will ship your fixtures, supplies and opening product inventory to your store location. You will also be given a cash register that has a designated bar code reader so you can easily ring up sales. It also processes transactions (cash, check and credit card), automatically calculates sales tax and runs cash register reports at the end of the day.


Am I stuck with the product I don't sell?

No, at the end of the season, we’ll credit you for every product that you don’t sell, provided you return the products to us as instructed and in compliance with your Calendar Club of Canada agreement. 


How much can I earn?

Last holiday season, the average Calendar Club store sold nearly $110,000. That’s a lot of calendars sold in each store and millions sold in over 200 Canadian stores over just 12-16 weeks! Our highest selling stores averaged sales in excess of $300,000. On average, Operators earn approximately 15% of the sales.


Will I be the store owner or manager?

You will be the store owner. Calendar Club of Canada Operators sign an agreement to use our name, operating systems and procedures, displays and products. In return, we provide you all the items listed above along with strong internal support such as real estate, merchandising, accounting, training, and the hottest selling and widest selection of products anywhere. Essentially, we provide you with a turnkey business. All you need to do is turn the key!


How will I learn the business?

Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about a Calendar Club of Canada concept is provided to you in our detailed, easy-to-follow Operator’s manual. The manual covers content such as tips on accounting, interviewing, managing your staff, customer service and how to increase sales. We also provide you with a detailed Setup Guide and a Plan-O-Gram which will show you how to transform your store into a fast-paced retail environment.  


You will have access to a professional and knowledgeable support team that will be available to assist you by email, phone and/or on the field.  


 Calendar Club of Canada has created a website, that allows operators to monitor their store activities such as daily sales, inventory, shipments and more. Please visit to access your information. We want you to feel confident in your business because, when you succeed, Calendar Club of Canada can continue to grow!


Am I responsible for inventory?

Yes, you are responsible for shrinkage and inventory, but you have a lot of help, namely your cash register. Here’s how it works….


At the beginning of the season, we’ll ship you a select mix of product.


Each evening when you close out, the cash register tells us which and how many products you sold that day. From that data, we’ll replenish your sold-out inventory. If you have other products that customers have requested, we’ll try to ship those, too. The website, , is a great tool in helping you manage your inventory.


How will I earn money?

You operate as a retailer who receives a wholesale discount off the retail price (the sales price) of merchandise that you “buy” from us. Each time you make a sale, you essentially buy that product and earn the difference between the retail amount you collect and the wholesale price you pay. 


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Operator testimonials

"I have worked for Calendar Club for approximately 15 years. It has been the bes experience of my retail career of 40 years. Fantastic head office support and management. Customers love shopping with us - it's a fun experience and we have great product. Everyone leaves happy and over the years we keep seeing familiar faces coming back. It is great for Malls as ot draws a lot of people into the shop."

- Darcy McDonald, Saskatchewan

"I have been a regional operator with Calendar Club of Canada for over 25 years and during that time I have watched this small family business grow exponentially, now covering our country with retail locations from coast to coast. All the while through its growth, the company has retained those same family business values. The consignment opetator business model allows Calendar Club t be managed as local entities with the support and guidance of the company's Resource Centre in Paris, Ontario. We find continued success by providing our customers with perfect gift ideas and exceptional customer service and see many of them returning year after year."

- Matt Jones, Ontario