Paramedics Share our Bear to Show They Care 🧸

Who hasn’t been this person before? Nervous, afraid of the unknown… and in need of a great big bear hug? 🧸

Some pretty special paramedics from Peterborough (or as we like to call them, superheroes…) have been doing something super-sweet the past several months that we just recently learned about.

You may be familiar with our annual Calendar Club Teddy Bear donation program. It’s something we run across the country each and every year, and it relies on the generosity of our customers. Many customers, while doing their other shopping, also purchase a teddy bear. Instead of it going home with them, it actually ends up getting donated local charities across Canada.

Thanks to our amazing customers in and around Peterborough, we were able to donate 500 bears to the Peterborough Paramedics. And what this crew has done with them is incredible. We recently connected with Craig Jones, who is part of the organization there.

It turns out that for the last several months, this unit has been running a drive through Covid-19 test station. They’ve encountered approximately 270 patients a day. Many of these patients have been children. If you’ve had a Covid-19 test, or know someone who has, you know what they feel like.

To help, the children are given an Indie the bear to hug tight. This has helped calm and console the kids before and during their test. And the best part? The kids get to keep their Indie. Word on the street is that parents have been pretty thrilled at the unexpected gift too!

When we connected with Craig we asked if he had a message for everyone reading this. This is what he’s asked of all of us, “Please continue the hard work that Ontario has been doing by keeping up social distancing, mask wearing and consistent hand washing and sanitizing, and lets continue to slow the spread together.”

We want to give a shout out to the Peterborough Paramedics, and everyone out there doing their part while we work together as a nation to fight Covid-19.


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