Find Joy in Puzzling


Has the cold weather got you searching for a new indoor hobby? Or maybe you’re just spending a little more time inside these days. Whatever the case may be, puzzling is the activity for you. The stimulation and satisfaction that happens while you solve the puzzle is unmatched. Puzzling is also a great way to bring together people and spend quality time together while meeting a common goal.


We have an extensive range of high-quality jigsaw puzzles available on our website. Whether you’re a beginner puzzler or are just looking for your next challenge – we have something for everyone!


Also find check out what makes our puzzles different and worth investing in.

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When selecting puzzles, one of the things we take into account is the quality of imagery on the puzzle. We use vendors who supply puzzles that aren’t grainy or indistinguishable. You’ll be able to easily identify the picture within.


Our selection of puzzles include scenes of nature, images from your favorite TV and movies, artists’ paintings, and even challenges. Whatever you’re into, we can guarantee there’s a puzzle that suits your interests.


Knowing where to start on your puzzle journey can be challenging. Luckily, we have puzzles for any experience level. If you’re brand new to puzzling, we recommend starting with a puzzle that has 500 pieces or less. This will let you get a feel for puzzling, and test new strategies for solving puzzles. If you’re a more seasoned puzzler, a 1000 piece or more puzzle may be more your speed.


Additionally, if you’re looking for an even greater challenge, we have puzzles of 2000 pieces or more. These puzzles will put your skills to the test!


If you’re shopping for a junior puzzler, we also have puzzles specifically for kids! These puzzles have under 100 pieces, and are adorned with bright colours to make solving the puzzle easier.

Ocean Park Signature (2000 Piece) product image

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Paris Impressions (1000 Piece) product image

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All of the puzzles we choose are high quality. From the paper the puzzle is printed on, to the way the puzzle fits together is important! We know that things like missing pieces and puzzle dust can make or break your puzzle solving experience. It’s important to us that you to have the best possible experience building and solving the puzzle you choose, and that’s why we take care in selecting the highest quality puzzles possible.