Voice Banking Monopoly Family Board Game

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Product Information

The Monopoly Voice Banking game features lights and sounds and comes with an interactive Mr. Monopoly banking unit. The iconic Monopoly top hat is voice activated and the personality of Mr. Monopoly really shines as he handles all of the transactions. He keeps tabs on players money and Properties so there's no cash or cards to think about. Talk to Mr. Monopoly and he responds. For instance press your tokens button and say Buy St. James Place. Mr. Monopoly will track the transaction keeping the game moving. With the Monopoly Voice game players travel around the board aiming to be the person with the most money and highest property value to win. 

NO NEED FOR CASH OR BANK CARDS: The Mr. Monopoly banking unit manages all finances whether its buying properties paying and receiving rent checking balances and more.  EXCITING FAMILY GAME: The Monopoly Voice Banking board game is designed for ages 8 and up; 2 to 4 players can play at a time and its a great activity for family game nights.