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Tanks but no Thanks

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Quick to learn and start playing Tanks but no thanks is great for all ages. Whether you are a fan of tank battles or just love out strategizing your opponent Tanks but no thanks brings you hours of fun. All you need is the right strategy and a little bit of luckWhat is your approach Do you go aggressive and Rambo yourself into enemy territory Watch out Another opponent may take out your bases while you are away. Think you dont have a chance with only 1 tank remaining If youre cunning and have luck on your side you may out wit your opponentWhen a player EITHER loses all of their tanks or all of their bases they are IMMEDIATELY out of the game. The last tank battalion remaining wins the gameEach turn you must choose if you will re position your tanks or fire at an enemy. Moving tanks or firing at enemies utilize dice. Where you move how you shoot or which action to take involves the right strategy for success.

Age Range, Players

Number of Players: 2-4 Players

Age of Players: 8+ years

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Vendor: Tin Robot Games

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