SlimyGloop Mix Ems Fluffy Cloud Slime Kit

Product Information

Create a fun twist to transform your ordinary slime into a shimmery squishy and bumpy creation with SLIMYGLOOP Cloud MixEms Simply remove the ready made SLIMYGLOOP from the reusable storage container and start mixing in fun embellishments that take your slime to the next level. Create an eye catching effect as you mix in shimmery glitter a squishy cloud figurine and foam balls for a bumpy texture. Squeeze and stretch your slime for an exciting game of sensory iSpy or stretch the SLIMYGLOOP until you can see your fun embellishments through the sparkling slew of slime Squeeze it stretch it twist it squish it SLIMYGLOOP MixEms are an easy and fun sensory experience that kids will love. Available in fun themes. 

$5.00 $9.99