Raising Hell

Product Information

Most of us love kids but doesnt it feel good to laugh at the occasional misery of being around them Bring some fun to game night with the Raising Hell party game. The game comes with 300 caption cards and 72 photo cards. Players take turns being a judge and the rest of the players draw 7 caption cards while the judge reveals a photo. Each player chooses their best caption to pair with the photo its like creating a funny parenting meme in real life. Some of the hilarious captions include When things are too quiet in the next room When you realize your kid is not a genius Stretch Marks: Were they worth it and other things you dont usually get to say out loud. The judge decides who wins each round and the winner keeps the photo card. Unlike raising kids this game doesnt take 18 years to play; the player with the most photo cards at the end wins the gamePARTY GAME FOR ADULTS: Celebrate the absurdity of being a kid with this hilarious party game about the not so precious moments of growing upITS OK TO LAUGH AT KID FAILS: Take a time out and play this laugh out loud party game thats every bit as weird as you and your friends arePAIR A PHOTO WITH A CAPTION: Admit it: kids can drive you insane. Laughing makes it all better So take a break and have fun creating these memes about ridiculous kidsTAKE TURNS BEING THE JUDGE: Players take turns being the judge deciding who wins the round; the player with the most photo cards wins the Raising Hell card gameINCLUDES 372 CARDS: The Raising Hell party game includes 300 caption cards and 72 photo cards; the player with the best caption for each photo round winsHasbro Gaming and all related terms are trademarks of Hasbro.Includes 72 photo cards 300 caption cards and instructions.Ages Adult3 or more players