Mapmaker Gerrymandering Game

Product Information

In Mapmaker: The Gerrymandering Game you are a mapmaker which means you make maps... and determine who wins elections. Can you crack and pack voters?  Can you scheme and strategize? Can you create unfair lopsided strangely shaped districts that will guarantee your party's victory?  Gerrymandering with friends and family when it doesn't affect real voters is a whole lot of fun. 1 to 4 players take turns drawing districts in 30 45 minutes.  Mapmaker is fast to learn and fast to play. Its full of surprises maneuvers and outmaneuvers. 

How to Play:Each player belongs to a political party: Red Elephants,  Blue Donkeys,  Yellow Porcupines or Green Leaves.  You all start with the same number of voters randomly spread across the board.  You take turns placing 4 district borders splitting voters into districts. Whoever has the most voters within the district claims that district.  Whoever has the most districts at the end wins.