Sunshine Nursery Bus

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Sunshine Nursery Bus is a double decker nursery school bus that seats up to 12 babies. It can be played with as a seesaw or slide by removing the seats. A pool is included inside the vehicle. Sunshine Nursery Bus features seats in the bus body that come with cute motifs such as a piano print and musical notes. The chairs on the upper deck can be turned over to make a seesaw to play with. Create a large rainbow slide by setting up the upper part over the front and back of the bus. Removing the seats on the lower deck of the bus reveals a pool. Attaching the Baby Castle Nursery slide to the rear window of the bus creates a water slide leading into the pool sold separately . Main Unit Lower Deck Seating Front Lower Deck Seating Middle Lower Deck Seating Rear Upper Deck Seating Stairs Upper Deck Seating Slide a total of 6 pieces . For ages 3 and up.