Calico Critters Baby Castle Nursery

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Baby Castle Nursery is a nursery school with plenty of playtime for babies to attend. Change the direction of the building to change the size of the room and front garden. Baby Castle Nursery comes with plenty of playground equipment such a piano swing a slide that can be set alone or used from the second floor and a table that turns into a seesaw. Create different layouts by changing the direction of the building to create a wider room and a front garden in which various playground equipment can be placed. Attach the slide from this set to Sunshine Nursery Bus and have fun sliding from the second floor of the nursery school into the pool sold separately . Place Baby Castle Playground on the second floor to create a large castle like nursery school sold separately . Main Unit Floor Arch Fence x2 Flag x2 Slide Piano Table Seesaw Chair x2 Picture Book x2 Swing Swing Rope a total of 26 pieces . For ages 3 and up.