Bob Ross Happy Little Accidents Game

Product Information

Happy Little Accidents is a game all about turning mistakes into masterpieces In it you will do your best to turn abstract lines and shapes drawn by your fellow players into pieces of art. Youll begin by drawing abstract lines and shapes onto small slips of paper. The slips of paper from all the players are then mixed together and placed face down in the center of the table. Next youll receive a prompt card which will detail items that you must draw during the three rounds of the game. Once all players have their prompt cards youll each take a random slip of paper from the stack and then have 30 seconds to turn whatever was drawn on that slip into the first item listed on your prompt card. Get creative Once the time is up youll have a chance to present and explain your drawing to the other players. Then youll each award a 2 point token to the player you believe created the best piece of art and a 1 point token to the player you think did the next best. Your judging criteria are completely up to you After three rounds the player that has accumulated the most points wins the game