Making Bad Situations Worse

Product Information

The hilariously campy party game for adults. Making Bad Situations Worse is the adult party game where you try to submit the worst reactions to bad situations. Roll the die to select and read a bad situation. Then ask the other players how to make it worse. They submit answers from the Make It Worse Cards in their hands of 7 cards each. Read the answers aloud and award a point to the player who made the bad situation the worst. Examples of bad situations are: “I find a pubic hair in the moonshine I am drinking.” And “My housekeeper puts my dirty dishes in my bed.” Examples of Make It Worse Cards are: “Drink breast milk from a dead woman.” “Throw a sharp knife straight up into the air.” and “Kick her in her double chin.” Game Includes: 600 Bad Situations 100 Cards 200 Make it Worse Cards a Die and Game Instructions.