Magickal Year 2019 Wall Calendar

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Fill your year with wonder with Magickal Year 2019, a calendar featuring holidays, events, and 13 full-color illustrations surrounding magickal traditions from all over the world.Fill your year with ancient wisdom and natural power with A Magickal Year 2019. This 16-month calendar centers around magickal traditions from all over the world, its grid lined with holidays, festivals, and ritual dates from traditions including Wicca, Vodou, Asatru, and more. Every month features a gorgeous folk art illustration focused on a central aspect of the mystical Wheel of the Year, highlighting traditions like astrology, crystals, necromancy, and the Rites of Spring. The perfect gift for the young witch or student of the world in your life, let A Magickal Year 2019 guide you through the time-honored traditions of the hidden world of the mystic arts.