Butterflies Mold and Paint

Product Information

The Smithsonian Mold and Paint Craft Kits by Skullduggery combine creativity, discovery and learning in one exciting artistic journey. Each kit includes everything needed to create an educational masterpiece: Perfect Cast Mix, Reusable Molding Trays, Paints and Paint Brush, Magnets and Glue. Illustrated Educational Booklet and Complete Instructions. First mix the PerfectCast mold mix in the mix and pour bag and pour it into the molds. While it sets read all about butterflies in the illustrated booklet. Unmold your creation, paint the parts and let them dry. Now glue them to the included magnets and you have your own work of art that can be displayed on most metal surfaces. Children will have a hands on learning adventure they can share with everyone Butterflies is just one of five kits in this exciting series.