Wine Year of Good 2019 Box Calendar

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From Karen MacNeil, “Americas missionary of the vine” (Time magazine), A YEAR OF GOOD WINE is like a lively, year-long wine course in a calendar. Adapted from the New York Times bestselling The Wine Bible, with 650,000 copies sold, it features recommendations for the best bottles from around the world, tasting notes, in-the-know wine facts, mouth-watering recipes, and more. Discover Loire-valley French whites, like Sauvignon Blanc, which has an herbal, lime-scented freshness. Try pairing a crisp gru¨ner veltliner with grilled fresh asparagus for a light summer dish. Plus tips on spectacular bottles within a budget, wine horoscopes that match each sign with the right wine, and an Ask Karen section—Q&As that address wine queries and curiosities.