Hebrew Illuminations 2019 Wall Calendar

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The Torah, also called the Five Books of Moses, is the foundational document on which all of Judaism is based. It is a work of history, laws, ethics, miracles, and prophecy that has been studied daily for thousands of years.Images inspired by the Torah come alive in the Hebrew Illuminations 2018–2019 wall calendar. This unique calendar features sixteen original paintings that recall its earliest chapter with Gan Eden (Garden of Eden) and Etz Chayim (Tree of Life), the Exodus with the Parting of the Waters and Mishkan (the Tabernacle), as well as the core beliefs of Emet (Truth) and Emunah (Faith).Each painting is accompanied by text from the Torah that brings meaning and context to the artwork. Jewish artist Adam Rhine has created ornate, highly detailed Judaic paintings in acrylic, watercolor, and colored pencils. His intricate work combines modern pallets and aesthetics with the influence of medieval illuminated manuscripts.