Flying Legends 2019 Wall Calendar

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Flying Legends 2019 is a 16-month 12x17 calendar featuring full-color photos of classic warplanes in flight, along with all the memorable stats that make them unique.Relive the style, might, and glory of classic air warfare with Flying Legends 2019! This gorgeous calendar features 13 full-color images of classic warplanes in flight, and with each photo comes all the fun-to-memorize stats for each plane, including its ceiling, its bombload, and the powerplant where it was built. This is the perfect gift for the history nut, military buff, or veteran in your life. From launch to landing, Flying Legends 2019 will have you feeling sky-high all year!This calendar features legendary World War II warbirds from around the world, captured in flight by award-winning photographer John M. Dibbs, whose flying legends books and calendars are longtime bestsellers. Razor-sharp, unretouched air-to-air photography brings these old warbirds to life. Each month features a full-color picture suitable for framing, as well as vintage photography and the aircrafts technical specifications.