Watch Ya Mouth Throwdown

Product Information

Watch Ya Mouth – THROWDOWN is the outrageous mouthguard party game that pits you against your friends in a head to head competition of skill and audacity A companion to the AUTHENTIC Watch Ya Mouth game which originally launched on Kickstarter “THROWDOWN” goes beyond simply attempting to read and interpret phrases and encourages players to compete in over 100 unique challenges to perform while hampered by cheek retractors. Roll the challenger dice to determine who your opponent is draw a challenge card from the deck and follow the instructions Hilarity ensuesIncluded in the game are 4 large and 2 small dishwasher safe cheek retractors 4 reusable dishwasher safe straws 4 noise makers 2 ping pong balls 100 Challenge Cards 40 Phrase Cards 1 Challenger Dice and 1 timer. Recommended for ages 8. Good for groups of 2 6 players.