Munchkin Nightmare Before Christmas

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MUNCHKIN® Tim Burtons The Nightmare Before Christmas Edition Fans of The Nightmare Before Christmas and Munchkin have an entirely new ghoulish world to immerse themselves in. Play as a citizen from Halloween Town Christmas Town Thanksgiving Town or Easter Town. Battle and banish foes like Oogie Boogie Doctor Finkelstein and Lock Shock and Barrel from Halloween Town. Charge into battle on Santas Sleigh as you wield new weapons curses and treasures. You can play Munchkin The Nightmare Before Christmas on its own or add it to other Munchkin games for more monster mashing treasure grabbing action Ages 10 Players 3 6 Game Includes 168 cards with custom colorful illustrations featuring favorite Nightmare Before Christmas characters 96 Door cards 72 Treasure cards Custom Oogie Boogie movie replica die Instructions