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CLUE®: Game of Thrones™ High treachery and betrayal are behind the two mysteries to solve in Game of Thrones Clue. Featuring a double sided game board players choose to solve the murder mystery in The Red Keep or in Meereen. WHO was responsible for plotting the murder WHAT weapon was used and WHERE did the crime take place Ages 18 Players 2 6 Game Includes Custom Double sided Game Board The Red Keep and Meereen 12 Suspects: Cersei Lannister Jamie Lannister Tryion Lannister Sansa Stark Petyr Baelish Margaery Tyrell Daenerys Targaryen Hizdahr Zo Loraq Missandei Daario Naharis Jorah Mormont Grey Worm 6 Custom Metal Weapons: Poison Vial Battle Axe Arakh Faceless Man Crossbow Catspaw Assassin Dagger 21 Intrigue Cards including 13 Master of Whisperers and 8 White Walkers 6 Custom Movers Custom Scoring Pad Clue Sheet and Envelope Instructions