Katinkas Dream Racer

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Katinkas Dream Racer 029882884058: Goldies pet Katinka is a tutu wearing pink dolphin that lives in Goldies dreams. Pretty weird right Right Build and craft a ridiculously cute racer for her to zip around in dreamland. Learn how propulsion works to send her soaring. After youre done building Katinkas sweet ride go to bloxtown.com to watch fun videos and learn how to build TONS of cool things. Build your complete Pet Projects collection with all 4 of Goldies pets • Comes with Katinka Goldies pink tutu wearing dolphin • Builds spatial skills engineering principles propulsion and confidence in problem solving.• Access to dozens of how to videos at bloxtown.com where you can learn to build even more.• Compatible with all other GoldieBlox toys.Includes: 1 Mini Pet instruction book 3 craftstruction pieces 1 Katinka 1 spring 17 spacers 4 washers 1 Extra Long Flexi Axle 1 Short Axle 6 mini axles 1 star coupler 3 coupler joints 5 small wheel ends 3 small wheel hubs.


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