Nachos Rocket Ride

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3, 2, 1 blast off to a whirling twirling doggone amazing time Build and craft a roaring rocket ride for Goldies loyal pup Nacho. Learn how torque hint: rhymes with “dork” works and use what youve learned to make Nacho spin even faster. After youre done building the ride of Nachos life go to to watch fun videos and learn how to build TONS of cool things. Build your complete Pet Projects collection with all 4 of Goldies pets • Comes with Nacho Goldies loyal pup and trusty assistant • Builds spatial skills engineering principles torque and confidence in problem solving.• Access to dozens of how to videos at where you can learn to build even more.• Compatible with all other GoldieBlox toys.Includes Mini Pet Instruction Book 4 craftstruction pieces 1 Nacho 1 rubber band 7 star stoppers 5 spacers 2 washers 2 long axles 2 short axles 9 mini axles 3 pegs 1 angle joint 1 popcorn joint 4 corner joints 2 t joints 5 elbow joints 2 small wheel hubs. UPC 029882884027