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Games like Apples to Apples and Cards against Humanity have been top selling games over the past the past few years, but there has never been anything like Personally Incorrect.  Playing is easy: one player reads a Personally Incorrect Question Card, then everyone submits their most appropriately inappropriate Personally Incorrect Answer Card. Once all answers are handed in, players rapidly vote for the one they feel is most inappropriate. Rather than having the question reader vote with the other players, they serve as a tie breaker. This player only votes in the event of an answer tie. 

“Personally Incorrect is the game for people who like those offensive style party games like Cards against Humanity. In PI, you insert your friend’s names into the question making the comments truly personal. Hands down this game is more offensive in a fun way than anything else on the market.”  UPC: 816780001232

Ages: Mature (19+ years)

Number of Players: 4 +

Vendor: Lion Rampant Imports


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