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Kaleva Board Game

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Kaleva is a strategic board game in which two players strive for victory aided by the powers of ancient Finnish heroes gods and legends. Players battle each other trying to overcome the other players protective magic. The winner is the player who is first able to move three game pieces into the opponent's magic shield. In Kaleva each player places 6 cards so that each corresponds to one of the boards 6 columns. Each card then gives its power numerical value 09 to each of the players own pieces located in that exact column. On your own turn you can move one of your pieces into a neighboring space either straight or diagonally. Whenever a piece is moved into another space where the opponent's piece is already located the pieces fight. In that case the attacking player reveals the card that controls the column where the attack originated and the defender reveals the card of the column the piece is located. High card wins and losing piece is removed from the board The used cards are removed and replaced with new cards from each player's own shuffled deck. Two of the cards have special powers When moving a piece in the column of a 0 card it allows you to scout a single card of your opponent after which you discard the 0 card and replace it with a new card. Whenever a piece in the column of a 1 card is defending against a stronger card the piece evades the attack and the two pieces change places.

Age Range, Players

Number of Players: 2 to 4

Age of Players: 10+ years

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Vendor: Tactic

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