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Cheating Moth

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In Cheating Moth you want to get rid of all the cards in your hand before anyone else. Each player starts the round with a hand of eight cards with one player the oldest receiving the guard bug which stays on the table throughout the game and one card being turned face up to start a discard pile. The cards are numbered 1-5 with the majority of them having only numbers; some cards have special abilities that come into play when added to the discard pile or in a players hand. On a turn a player places one card from her hand onto the discard pile; that card must be numbered exactly one higher or lower than the card on top of the discard pile. The numbers wrap so a 1 can be played on a 5 and vice versa. If a player cant play a card she draws one from the deck and her turn ends. There's another way to rid yourself of cards though: cheating Throughout the round you can make cards disappear by dropping them on the floor hiding them up your sleeve and so on. You must keep your hand of cards above the table at all times you cant vanish more than one card at once and you cant rid yourself of your final card this way. The player with the guard bug and only him can call out other players for cheating and no one can cheat while the accusation is being resolved. If the accusation was false the Guard must draw a card; otherwise the cheating player takes back the card she tried to lose is given a card from the Guards hand as additional punishment and becomes the new Guard. Cheating is a necessity as the Cheating Moth cards cant be played onto the discard pile but must be disappeared via cheating. The Guard however can play these cards as the Guard is not allowed to cheat.

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Number of Players: 4+

Age of Players: 7+ years

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