Albertas Three Sisters Scenic Puzzle 1000 Piece

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Jonn Einerssens paintings are distinguished by a force and beauty which reflects the artists own powerful vision – a philosophical spiritual approach to his art. The big skies – sometimes calm sometimes menacing – are always dominant over Einerssens second love the prairies providing a challenging diversion from seascapes. Einerssen works almost exclusively in oils layering glazes to create a translucent and harmonious play of light and colour. While each painting is a bold realistic interpretation it begins with an impressionistic approach. The artist begins block ins based on a feeling then progresses to a technical approach to create a recognizable form. Remarkably Einerssen born in 1949 did not begin painting or even sketching until he was 21. Both privately and self taught he quickly became a flourishing self sustaining artist capturing the attention of private and corporate collectors.