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Action Tennis Board Game

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Spinning in the right service, rolling the right shot and drawing the right card at the right time simply defines joe quadris action tennis play like the pros. Add strategy, risk and super charged head to head action and you will soon experience an incredibly exciting, remarkably original tennis board game guaranteed to delivery the wow factory with every match you play this truly is a sports board game like no other. Tailor made for the competitive warrior and humorously scripted to nudge your funny bone when you least expect it, but don't forget to keep you eye on the ball - figuratively speaking. Because while youre laughing uncontrollably at your opponents string of bad luck there will always be a twist or turn that comes out of nowhere to put you right back in your place! One clever tactical move and just like that your opponent is deliriously basking in the ultimate last laugh. Match point! After all, you don't have to be a tennis, sports or board game fan to enjoy a little revenge and irony but even match point won't guarantee you victory. Because just like real tennis, it truly is anybody's guess as to how any match will play out in the end. Easy to understand and easy to play. Wildly intense and unpredictably crazy the perfect combination to take you on a heart racing ride of suspense, laughter and sure fire entertainment to the very last roll of the dice so get ready and get your head in the game.

Age Range, Players

Number of Players: 2 to 4

Age of Players: 9 to 12 years

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Vendor: The Mazel Company

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