Family time is anytime! This weekend is the perfect time for family bonding and making new memories! Unsure what to do? We've put together the list of our favourite games to play as a family perfect for long and short attention spans. We've included some classic favourites, handy card games, and even some games for younger kids. So, put your game face on, and get ready to create some new traditions tonight!



Yahtzee is a family-favourite dice game. Scoring points is simple - by rolling 5 dice to make different combinations, like a full house or 4 of a kind. Not only is it a game of chance and probability, but it also supports the building of logic, strategy, and math skills. Yahtzee can be played with two or more people, and is perfect for family members over the age of 8!

Yahtzee - Calendar Club Canada


Have a knack for sleuthing? Find out if you're the next Sherlock Holmes with the classic version of Clue! Exactly like you remember it, Clue is the murder mystery game perfect for true crime fans and gamers alike. With one murderer and six suspects, you'll move from room to room trying to work through the clues and find the culprit.

Jenga Family Stacking Game - Calendar Club Canada


Haven't tried Jenga yet? The premise of this game is simple: each player takes turns removing a block from the tower and stacking it on the top, making it more and more unstable each round. A steady hand is key in this game - don't let the suspense of the tower toppling distract you! This game is great for anyone 6 and older, and for any sized group.

Jenga Family Stacking Game - Calendar Club Canada


Want to get your younger kids into the strategy game life? A perfect intro to gaming is Connect 4, where players drop coloured discs into the grid. The first person toyou must line up 4 coloured discs to win the round. This game is perfect for pairs, and will have you itching to pull the slider bar and compete against one another again! For kids over 6 years old (and adults too)!

Jenga Family Stacking Game - Calendar Club Canada


Is your family full of Potterheads? Show that you're the biggest Harry Potter friend with Trivial Pursuit: Harry Potter Edition. All questions included in the game are based on the highly successful book and movie series. You earn points for every correct answer, and whoever has the most points at the end of the game wins. To make this game even more fun, consider dividing members up by their Hogwarts House and compete to earn points.

Jenga Family Stacking Game - Calendar Club Canada


Become a force within your family through the highly acclaimed Catan! Essentially, players act as settlers on the fictional island of Catan, where they must establish settlements, cities, and roads by spending one of five resources: wool, grain, lumber, brick, and ore. As you expand, you'll earn victory points - whoever gets 10 victory points first, wins! This game is a fan favourite, and could be the one for you and your family!

Jenga Family Stacking Game - Calendar Club Canada