Soul of the Desert 2020 Wall Calendar - Online Exclusive

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The glow of surreal colors dances across dramatic desert landscapes from undulating sands to rocky vistas. There is a serenity that can be discovered across the vast expanses in the interplay of light and shadow and in the extremes of hot and cold. It is here that time slows and the resources required to thrive in this radically changing climate are exalted. This gorgeous collection of photographs will urge you to discover that the soul of nature can awaken the soul of humankind. This breathtaking wall calendar is part of our new Soul Travel series, which strives to capture the essence of place, to revere nature and regional cultures, and to cultivate a deep appreciation for adventure. Peering through the lenses of world-class photographers, viewers will get glimpses of our amazing planet that illuminate a sense of wonder and strengthen our global connection.

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