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By: Ben Tan on September 30, 2021

My Third Week at Calendar Club

Week 3 has been all about supporting our Calendar Club Recommended (CCR) Program. This program is supported by our vendors and highlights high-profile and high-quality products. I’ve been calling into the stores that we currently have open and asking them to send me a picture of their CCR displays. I then check to make sure their displays align with the CCR schedule, ensuring consistency across all our stores in Canada.

As mentioned last week, I’ve been contacting several malls regarding any upcoming events and promotions Calendar Club can support. Over the course of the week, I’ve been coordinating with Lansdowne Mall in Peterborough about their Halloween Colouring Contest. They will be giving away three prize packs, which will feature various goodies, including games provided by Calendar Club! The contest will run from October 15th to October 28th, so if you’re in the Peterborough area, make sure to check that out once its live!

This week has been a mix of new and old. I’m continuing to take on more projects and tasks, while continuing to complete the day-to-day processes that I started last week. As I continue to complete these day-to-day tasks, I find myself becoming more and more efficient, allowing me to take on more responsibilities.



Week 3 Vlog:

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