Looking After New Locations

By: Ben Tan on September 23, 2021

My Second Week at Calendar Club

Week 2! We have 19 stores opening this week, so things are definitely beginning to pick up. As most of my tasks this week have been to support the opening of these stores, I find myself learning new processes every day. 

This week gave me a good idea of the pace of the job and familiarized me the various software and resources I have at my disposal to complete my day-to-day tasks. I used Shopify as well as Google Business to ensure our 19 stores opening this week were labelled as “open,” as well as updating the store hours and phone numbers to the most updated versions. The store opening Facebook campaign I started last week was launched and was a good way to get the word out about our new stores. 

Aside from supporting the stores, another project I took on this week was contacting the malls our stores were open in to inquire on upcoming events and promotions that Calendar Club can participate in and support. I’m currently coordinating with several malls, and one event is shaping up to be very interesting, I will share more details next week! 

Overall, this week I was surprised by the variety of tasks I was assigned. It was a bit challenging at first to remember all the different things I needed to finish, so I found it extremely helpful to keep a personal planner. I’m not the most organized person, so the planner has helped me a great deal in keeping track of what I needed to complete, as well as delegating my time and prioritizing tasks effectively. 


Week 2 Vlog:

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