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By: Ben Tan on September 16, 2021

My First Week at Calendar Club

Hey! I’m Ben. I started out at Calendar Club as a Marketing Assistant this week. Over the next few months, I’ll be talking about what I’ve been up to, and what’s keeping me busy. 

The first week included a lot of onboarding, but I learned a lot. On the first day, the other new hires and I were given a tour of the office and warehouse, and it was a great chance to meet the people that make up this company, their roles and the company processes. I had my first project, where I had to group twenty of our products into a central theme. I learned about many of the products we have to offer as I searched our website for calendars, games, puzzles, and toys that fit within my “TV Show” theme. On the second day, I dove into more of the day-to-day tasks of the job. I learned how to manage and create Facebook ad campaigns and created a campaign detailing the stores we have opening over the next couple of months. 

The third day of the week I had the opportunity to work in the Calendar Club warehouse and learn about the ecommerce fulfillment process. I learned firsthand how to receive orders, how to pick orders, and how to ship orders. I first scanned orders we received and shelved them in the appropriate location. When a customer order for an item arrives, I “pick” the specific items included in the order from their locations and set them aside to be shipped. I then shipped the orders by scanning them, packaging them, and weighing them while ensuring the order is going to the right person. I gained a much better understanding for online ordering and the steps taken to ensure products are delivered efficiently and effectively. 

The last day of the week I was assigned to help at one of our Calendar Club retail stores. I interacted with customers, stocked items on our shelves, operated the till, and learned about our teddy bear promotion. I have worked in customer service before, but it’s an entirely different demographic, so it was interesting to see a different side to customer service and interactions. 

Overall, the first week went by very quick. From shipping out products in the warehouse, to selling products in our stores, to learning about the promotional aspects, I was surprised by how much of Calendar Club’s operations I would experience first-hand. I look forward to my second week and taking on additional tasks and responsibilities! 


Week 1 Vlog:

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