From the Warehouse to Your Doorstep

By: Ben Tan on October 19, 2021

My Fifth Week at Calendar Club

Calendar Club is well into the season, and e-commerce orders are ramping up daily, so this week I decided to visit our warehouse, where all the ecommerce orders are fulfilled. 

In the vlog, I give a quick tour of the warehouse floor, the pick tower, and the ecommerce fulfillment area. All our products are stored in separate zones, usually sorted by product type, with many of these zones located on the pick tower. 

To begin the e-commerce fulfillment process, products pertaining to an order are “picked’ from the pick tower (or any of the other zones located around the warehouse). They are set aside in a shipping shelf, with dividers separating different orders. The next step would be shipping the order, which includes scanning all the products, choosing an appropriate box to ship them in, weighing all the contents, and ensuring the order is going out to the right address. After this step is complete, orders are set aside and ready to go! 

If you can’t make it out to any of our stores, please check out our website and consider placing an order online! Any order placed will go through the exact process you just read about above! 


Week 5 Vlog:

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